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Life throws challenges at us and frustration at the same time.Noone tells you how challenging parenting can be but what you most likely hear is "Children are gifts from God and the fruit of the womb is the reward". They are absolutely correct but they only left out details of what comes after having them. Children are amazing gift.How do l know this? l have got four beautiful ones and would not trade them for the riches of this world.

As mothers , we need to be aware of ourselves i.e what makes us stress, anxious even depress. An happy mum produces a happy child. Our state of mental health affect our kids and their well-being.Rememeber that we all cope with stress differently but some of these tips will help you take care of your mental health.

How do you look after your mental health as a mum?

  • You need a support network, Surround yourself with positive and supportive friends and family members. May sure your partner or spouse is your bestfriend and find a local parenting class, they are great support. l used the parenting support group in my area from my first to the last ones and met some brilliant mums who we still share ideas , tips and pray together.You need time to offload and catch some air in order to make parenting less stressful. We can well support our kids when we are in a better mental space.

  • Create time off to regain energy and destress. For working mum it can be quite stressful balancing raising kids and working. Taking time as little as going for 10 to 30minutes walk in the park, around the neighbourhoob, relaxing in your bedroom or listening to music and dancing goes a long way, Catching that time helps to be in a good place in term of listening and communicating with the kids. Donot feel guilty having a pampering or spa session after weeks and months of caring for your little ones. You deserve a little treat .

  • Learn how to bear frustration. This is a great skill . When you are resilient then supporting your kids becomes easy. Learn resilience, make your life easier and you will see positive effects.

  • Turn time off the screen and connect with people in real time. The world of social media ,instagram, Facebook and tiktok are great ways to connect with people but it can be overwhelming at times so when you are feeling like their life is perfect and the grass is actually greener at the other side then it's time to pick yourself up and take a break from social media. No one is perfect ,we all have challenges, disappointment, moments and unanswer questions. Put your foot on the break and do new and fun times with others .

Last word for you. Always remember that Health is wealth. You are an amazing mum.

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