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Have you ever wonder why you want your child to do something like eat their breakfast or go to bed and they want to do something entirely different.I used to ask myself this question before finding parenting tips that actually work. How do l get them to do what is needed?You need to find your unique approach and also use so golden rules in place of shouting, yelling and getting frustrated 1.Switch roles with them. Let them be the parents sometimes and the other way round .Make it fun for them . i.e when he don’t want to hold hands while crossing the road. Let him help you cross the road instead.At that point he feels responsible for you and will stretch his hands to hold you then you can take charge indirectly.

2.Give them choices .In most case, they will go with your choice 3. What do you do when they have done something wrong and donot want to face the music.Well, imagine what you will do if it was your spouse. Have a calm conversation with your child about what he has done and the consequences for his actions. You can also make a proposal for him . I usually tell mine that “they have a choice to wash dishes for a week or give up their screen time and finish their literature finding new words and the meaning .Let them have the right to choose even when they make mistake. 4.When mistakes are made ,always open a dialogue on how you can fix their mistakes. 5. When you want them to eat or finish their meal but they want something sweet or their favourite treat. Offer their favourite sweet for dessert. They will usually finish their meal as quickly as they can in order to get that yummy dessert. Also try puttingsome creativity into the meals to make it look appealing and set an example by eating together or just sitting with them and counting how many spoons of cereal he has in his bowl. 6.When they refer to get dress or get out of bed. I know how frustrating it can be but you can turn it into fun by letting your child put together his outfit and playing a game i.e first to finish dressing or How fast can you dress blindfolded and setting the timer. These particularly work well. 7.l used to get fighting and arguing in the car all the time but taking turns to talk about what we can see and not see goes a long way and also playing the game of closing our eyes and discussing our imagination keeps the car calm and settle.Make sure the driver isn’t part of the game.Check out our blog for future parenting tips and mum’s fashion .Happy parenting Love Write a comment... Comment

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